Saturday, June 7, 2008

Undersea Colony Interview Finally on YouTube

Hello again dear readers I would like to take the opportunity to again repost my recent television interview concerning the Atlantica Expeditions - First Undersea Colony Project with TV presenter Clare Agius on the late night talk show "Mhux Ghal Kulhadd (Not for Everybody)" which was recorded on March 24th, 2008 and aired Tuesday April 29th, 2008 on Maltese Television (TVM). I have finally managed to upload it on YouTube in its entirety. I have also managed to repair the sudden break towards the end of the video file of the Interview and have split the entire 30 minute program into 6 equal parts. Uploading these on to You Tube has proven to be a lengthy time consuming and at times nerve rankling task.

But before I reintroduce the entire video please allow me to thank a number of close friends and individuals for making all this possible. I would first like to thank Dennis Chamberland for inaugurating the Atlantica Expeditions First Undersea Project and allowing me, an ordinary mild mannered High School Physics teacher, to take part in something truly extraordinary. Also I want to thank my good friend and fellow crewmate Ralph Buttigieg for his untiring and persistent encouragement and inspiration. And of course my colleague Daniela DeGiorgio at Saint Edwards College (Malta) for taking such a lively interest in the project and arranging the opportunity for me to appear on television. Without her this interview would not have been possible. Finally I would like to thank Clare Agius for having me on the program and easing my qualms about appearing on television for the very first time and making it a truly enjoyable experience.