Sunday, May 11, 2008

The New Time Lords

Is time travel possible? And if it were what will this reveal to us about the fundamental nature of reality? Will our forays into the fourth dimension reveal to us that all of cosmic existence is in fact virtual and that we are nothing more than mere virtual players in a highly advanced computer simulation? Will our attempts at becoming the New Time Lords only reveal to us that in fact we are mere pawns in a highly sophisticated arcade game?
According to the BBC documentary Horizon-“Time Trip” such possibilities are very real. Because of reasons of copyright I cannot post this documentary directly on to the Far Future Calling Blogsite but, the following link will take you to a playlist on You Tube that will allow you to see the documentary in its entirety.

Personally I feel that many of the off the wall arguments presented in this episode of Horizon are very good examples of pathologically bad science. I personally feel that in our attempts to stretch the limits of human knowledge to the breaking point we are in fact being led down avenues of muddled headed thinking and in the process science fiction and fantasy are taking the place of real level headed science.

I would very much welcome the comments and observations of my dear readers.